Warning issued as new Bitterne triangle gets go-ahead

Bitterne aerial view wider shot Google 600pxThe suburb of Bitterne has won approval to establish its own iconic triangle – to the bafflement of Bitterne Parkers who already enjoy their own, long-established triangle.
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The location for the new triangle in Bitterne has yet to be decided, but some Bitterne Park residents and business leader partners have spoken out over confusion fears, given that many already call Bitterne Park Triangle ‘Bitterne Triangle’.


The news comes just as Bitterne Park celebrates the birthday of its own iconic Bitterne Park Triangle clock tower, which has stood tall(ish), marking the gateway to the ward, for 90 years.

How will anyone know what anyone means?

Commenting, someone from Bitterne Park said: “Are the days numbered for Bitterne Park Triangle being called Bitterne Triangle, even though it isn’t Bitterne Triangle, although of course a lot of people call it Bitterne Triangle when, arguably, they shouldn’t. But they do.


“And will people referring to the new Bitterne Triangle get confused by calling it Bitterne Triangle, because they also call Bitterne Park Triangle Bitterne Triangle?

“How will anyone know what anyone means?”


metro ready 200 rotated 10Lodged documents suggest that the proposed new triangle could incorporate both an architectural landmark at its apex and a large-scale public art installation at the centre. But definitely not a clock.

It would also be one of the first new ‘Metro Ready’ city initiatives, in anticipation of the city’s, or devolved region’s, mass transit system.

Candidate Bitterne triangle locations currently include:

  • The junction of Peartree Avenue, West End Road and Bitterne Road
  • The junction of Maybray King Way and Panwell Road
  • The area between West EndRoad, Panwell Road and Maybray King Way
  • At the Maybray King Way underpass entrance, leading to the Red Lion, by Bitterne Road East

The move has already attracted an outpouring of views on social media – and it seems not everyone in Bitterne is in favour of the new triangle either.

BitterneBelle88 said: "I can't even, why change what we already have???? It's a stupid idea if you ask me. They should spend the money on fixing potholes instead. #NotImpressed"

ConcernedCitizen22 added: "I don't know about this... feels like they're messing with tradition. The old triangle's been there forever, why mess with it now? #SaveOurTriangle"

But Triangulator3000 said: "Finally, some progress! Can't wait to see the new triangle, gonna be awesome!?"

Vernacular consciousness

An iJourney narrative spokesperson told bitternepark.info: “Indeed, it is a curious phenomenon that despite its geographical disparity, the colloquial moniker 'Bitterne Triangle' persists, stubbornly clinging to the vernacular consciousness like a tenacious ivy on the ancient walls of linguistic convention.

“One might ponder the origins of this lexical anomaly, tracing its lineage through the annals of oral tradition and folk memory, where whispers of bygone eras intertwine with the cacophony of modern discourse.

Bitterne aerial Bitterne West End Rd closeer Google 600px
Could it go here? Image: Google

“And yet, in the midst of this semantic maelstrom, there exists a palpable sense of nostalgia, a wistful longing for the days when Bitterne Park Triangle stood as a bastion of community cohesion and geographical integrity. But alas, the tides of change sweep relentlessly onward, carrying with them the flotsam and jetsam of linguistic evolution.

“But they do. Oh, how they do.”

Our request to Cobden Bridge Residents’ Association’s for comment remains outstanding at this time.

Bitterne aerial view Google 600pxWhere will it be? Image: Google

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