25 Marlhill trees saved from the chop, but others declared unsafe

By Natalia Forero, Local Democracy Reporter

marlhill copse river walk entrance tight crop

Airport bosses have been told by the city council they can’t butcher 25 trees by cutting off the tops and reducing their height, although the meeting heard the secretary of state could intervene under the Civil Aviation Act. Fourteen other trees will be cut for safety reasons.

Water quality: Wild swimmers only prepared to dip their toes in the river

Supporters of wild swimming were only prepared to dip their feet in the Itchen from St Denys Boat Club at an annual community celebration on Saturday (Feb 17). The event usually involves a swim, but there were concerns about water quality. Interviewed in this BBC report Gavin Millar said they'd like to see ultra violet treatment in the sewage works up the road, as has been installed elsewhere in the city. A crowd funder to pay for further independent water testing of the river has now been set up.

Jupider: Tagged in two days

jupider graffiti 5 2 24Still closed following an attempted ram raid in early January, Jupider store on St Catherine’s Road has had new protective boarding installed – which has been graffitied within just two days.

Library services return to Bitterne Park for first time since '21

library reopens at cobbett road focrlLibrary services returned to Bitterne Park for the first time since 2021 at the Cobbett Road branch on Wednesday (Jan 31). It's operated by community radio station Awaaz FM, with library facilities largely run by volunteers. The library itself is now open on Wednesday afternoons for a pilot period during February. More here.