Hopes for police front desk in Bitterne

bitterne police station boarded up 23 6 21 600px P1020235

The police and crime commissioner (PCC) for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight has said she’s prioritising police accessibility to the public, including in Bitterne, although a timescale for a police station front desk in the suburb hasn’t been given.

Pics: Crowds throng to bank holiday charity duck race

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An endearing tradition in Bitterne Park is the annual charity 'duck race.' A multitude of sponsored plastic ducks is released at Mansbridge, and float down the river with the hope of reaching Woodmill first and winning their sponsors a prize - provided they don't get stuck along the way. While not a swift race, the leisurely pace is part of the event's charm. Hundreds of all ages gathered as usual to cheer on their ducks and, in doing so, support the charitable endeavours of Eastleigh Lions. We hope to bring you the winning numbers soon!