Cabinet moots beefing up vehicle removals policy

bond road audi ten tickets march 2023The council's cabinet is to decide whether to adopt a new policy that allows them to tow vehicles causing highway obstructions due to unauthorised parking or safety concerns. It will also help them address vehicles whose owners consistently disregard penalty charge notices.

Junction closed for up to seven weeks

wessex lane improvement work 2 8 8 23Up to seven weeks of government and university-funded improvement work will see the Wessex and Woodmill Lane junction closed to traffic, and one-way westbound traffic only on part of Woodmill Lane during the final three weeks.

Unauthorised encampment quits park

pitch and putt entrance blocked 28 7 23 Vehicular access to the old pitch and putt course on Riverside Park has today been blocked off with a large tree trunk and soil after the encampment apparently left by Friday morning ahead of the county court bailiff eviction scheduled for 10am.